Tea Party - A Summer Commission
























The Healing Power of Art

I'm honored to have been chosen for one of the Featured Artist Awards by Manhattan Arts International for the 2015 Healing Power of Art Competition.  Using art as a means for healing feels like an important part of my journey as an artist, and one that I'll be exploring more.  

New Studio, New Work

Gathering Stardust  


Artist Reception at the 2015 CVG Show

Last week we attended the 8th Annual Washington State juried art show at Collective Visions Gallery, where my piece "Bloom Verdant" was exhibited.  Juried by Greg Robinson, Executive Director of the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, the show features a wide variety of inspired work by regional artists.  The show runs January 24th - February 28th,  331 Pacific Ave.

Protection for the Wounded


















Precious Little Things

An Old New Love  

Settling into Fall after a very busy Summer, I've re-discovered my love of making little books. A project that feels appropriately cozy at this time of year, I've spread my stuff out on the ol' dining room table, in preparation for Short Run, the Seattle Comix & Arts Festival.  

Black and White and Butoh

Ache of the Otherworld, sans color

 In the past few months I've been moving towards a more monochromatic pallet.  Odd, given how much I love color, but maybe the shift is a way of simplifying in the midst of an overactive life right now.  


Artful Journaling

Behold the Mystery




















Happy Nothing

Finding the Chimera

























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