Claire Mack

I was born in 1965, a native Californian, though I've spent most of my life in the cool, rainy, moss-covered landscape of the Pacific Northwest.  My first memories of painting involved dabbing watercolor on a sheet of paper and folding it over so that the two sides would mix and imprint on each other, creating a most magical and transcendent experience in my 5-year old brain.

In 1987 I received a BFA from the California College of Arts in Painting. Over the years, making art has continued to be a source of transcendence for me.  I believe that art has a profound healing influence on both the artist and the viewer.  Through the depiction of beauty, truth, and recognition of the human condition, our spirits are uplifted and connected on a deeper level.  

In my work, I portray figurative images, symbolic beings that represent my inner experience and life process.  More often than not, I am working intuitively, letting the images take shape as I go, thus, each piece is unique, connected by the thread of my spirit and surroundings.  I also use imagery from nature, which is a continual source of inspiration and healing energy. As an artist, it is my hope to provide a common visual language that is both provocative and soothing to those who resonate with my work.

Most of my pieces are built up on panels or canvas using multiple layers that may include paint, charcoal, antique and decorative papers, thread, fabric, gold leaf, wax, pencil, and crayon.  

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California College of the Arts, 1984 - 1987.  Oakland, CA  BFA Painting with Distinction

San Francisco Art Institute, 1983 - 1984.  San Francisco, CA           


Selected Exhibitions


The Oracle Year, Mortlake & Company.  Seattle, WA  August 2018

Lighthouse Coffee Roasters, Seattle, WA  May 2018

Miniatures Exhibit, Ghost Gallery.  Seattle, WA  November 2017

Mayfly, Urban Light Studio.  Seattle, WA  January 2017

Stardust, Cunning Crow Apothecary, solo exhibit.  Seattle, WA  August 2016

Visible Spectrum, Ida Culver House.  Seattle, WA  January 2016

Miniatures Exhibit, Ghost Gallery.  Seattle, WA  December 2015

From Where I Stand, uBe Art Gallery.  Berkeley, CA  November 2015

Rob Schouten Gallery, Greenbank, WA  July 2015

The Healing Power of Art, Featured Artist Award.  Manhattan Arts International, juried online exhibition.  May 2015

When in Paradise, miniatures, Ghost Gallery.  Seattle, WA  May 2015

2015 Juried Exhibition, Kirkland Arts Center.  Kirkland, WA  May 2015

Ethos, Linus Gallery, juried exhibition.  Los Angeles, CA  April 2015

Solo Exhibit, Ghost Gallery at Rocco's.  Seattle, WA  April 2015
CVG Annual, Collective Visions Gallery, juried exhibition.  Bremerton, WA  January 2015


Short Run Arts Festival, Exhibitor.  Seattle, WA  November 2014

Monochromatic, Dandelion Salon Gallery, solo exhibition. Seattle, WA  June 2014

Turning Point:  Transformative Experiences, University House.  Seattle, WA  October 2013

The World Through Story, Ida Culver House, juried exhibition.  Seattle, WA  March 2011

The Healing Power of Art, Manhattan Arts, juried online exhibition. May 2010 

New Works, Frame Up Gallery, solo exhibition.  Seattle, WA  February 2009

Miniatures, Shift Collaborative Studio, solo exhibition.  Seattle, WA  October 2009

Sea Shift, G Gallery, group exhibition.  Houston, TX  July 2009

Emerging Artist Exhibition, D'Adamo/Woltz Gallery.  Seattle, WA February 2008

Inhabitation, Shift Collaborative Studio, solo exhibition.  August 2008

Twins - Sets of Two, Micro Museum, juried exhibition.  Brooklyn, NY  Sept 2008

Mixed Media and Collage Show, solo exhibit, Frame Up Gallery.  Seattle, WA  Sept 2007

New Members Exhibition, Shift Collaborative Studio.  Seattle, WA  November 2007

Small Works Exhibition, Shift Collaborative Studio.  Seattle, WA  December 2007

The Calendar Project, Shakti Vinyasa Studio.  Seattle, WA  November 2005

Arts Edge, juried exhibition, Seattle Center.  Seattle, WA  June 1997

Claire Mack, Seattle University, Patricia Wismer Center for Women.  Seattle, WA  February 1997

Archetypes, solo exhibition, Amandari Gallery. Seattle, WA  December 1996

Fable and Salvage, solo exhibition, Mercer Hood Gallery.  Seattle, WA  September 1995

Gallery Space, Artwork Gallery.  San Francisco, CA  1995

Northwest Noir, juried exhibition, Vox Populi Gallery.  Seattle, WA  February 1995

Soliptics, solo exhibition, Mercerhood Gallery.  Seattle, WA  July 1994

Romancing the Heart, juried exhibition, Artwork Gallery.  San Francisco, CA  February 1994






Mother Tongue Ink, We'Moon datebook and wall calendar 2018

Xenographic 3, November 2014

Parent Map Magazine, November 2006

Yoga Journal, February 1996

Yoga Journal, April 1995

Shaman's Blues, by Earl Nickel 1995

Amber Lotus Publications, Contemporary Artist Collection 1990